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My name is Allye Loo 艾琳

Subtly influenced by my father's anger and negativity, I navigated a rebellious phase during my school years, which made it challenging to connect with others until graduated and started my career in marketing in property & FnB industry for years, where I wholeheartedly served customers and companies, but I struggled to find time for self-fulfillment. Fueled by a desire for self-discovery, I embarked on a path of inner exploration, delving into Chinese traditional culture and seeking to balance my inner qi.My journey of self-discovery took an even more transformative turn when I had my first LBL session .In the course of my LBL facilitator's journey, I've had the privilege of working with clients of various ages, even 70 years old. It's about recovering the internal energy flow, rebuilding one's inner strength, and raising personal frequency. This is the transformative core of my approach to personal advancement and spiritual guidance.

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Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Spiritual Energy Regressionist 

  • Five element balancing

  • Bazi & Ziwei

  • GHR UK certified hypnotherapist

  • Age, past life womb regressionist

  • MNI,  US  certified Life Between Lives Facilitator

  • Master degree graduated from Heriot Watt University

       Msc. Business Strategy Leadership & Change​


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