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Discover the Clues to Unlock Your Best Life

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Life Between Lives 

Refers to the experience of existing between reincarnations (i.e. the life between reincarnations), where you exist as pure energy. This is also the name of a process pioneered by Dr. Michael Newton.

"Life Between Lives" (LBL) is a deep hypnotic guided process that allows you to recall your afterlife experiences and reconnect with your true self and your guide.

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Oh Card

Inspire creativity and communication with these beautiful card sets! They are a colorful springboard for imagination, somewhere between a game and a book. They are both a tool and a game for adults and children of all ages.


In this conversation, the therapist provides support, listening, and guidance to help the client explore the roots of problems, emotional responses, and thought patterns. Clients are free to express their feelings, thoughts, and experiences and work with the therapist to find solutions to their problems.

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Bazi & Ziwei 

Bazi, which means "eight characters" in Chinese, uses the Chinese zodiac animal symbols and the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) to construct a person's life map based on the year, month, day and hour of the individual's birth. It is used to determine a person's personality, strengths and weaknesses, career path, and compatibility with others.

Ziwei Dou Shu, which means "Ziwei Emperor Astrology" in Chinese, is a more complex system that uses the stars and constellation charts at the time of an individual's birth to determine their destiny. It involves mapping the stars and planets at birth onto a chart, which is then used to determine a person's life path, personality traits and future events. Ziwei Dou Shu is famous for its complex calculation and symbolic interpretation system.

Ba Zi and Zi Wei Dou Shu are popular in Chinese culture and are often used in conjunction with other forms of divination such as Feng Shui to provide a comprehensive understanding of an individual's life path and destiny.

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Womb Regression

The womb regression is a continuation of the current life retrospective. The time spent in the mother's womb during pregnancy is very important. Exploring this phase deeply through regression therapy can bring much benefit and healing. You can recall your mother's emotions during pregnancy, the position you were in (uterus), the surrounding temperature, a sense of security or isolation, the sound of your mother's heartbeat, the presence of your father or other family members. This experience can bring some answers, healing, and understanding to some of the obstacles in your current situation.

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Age Regression

During age regression, the therapist guides the individual to recall and re-experience past memories, emotions, and sensations, often from childhood or early life. This technique is designed to explore unresolved issues, trauma, or behavioral patterns that may have arisen during earlier stages of life. By reviewing and understanding these experiences, individuals can gain insight, process emotions, and work toward recovery and personal growth.

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Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is a meditation practice in which an instructor guides participants into a meditative state. This form of meditation usually uses sound guidance to help participants enter a meditative state through verbal description and guidance to help participants focus, relax, and guide them to explore their inner experiences. They may take participants on a journey through imaginary scenarios, asking them to notice changes in feelings, emotions, and thoughts.

The purpose of guided meditation is to help people reduce stress, promote inner peace and focus, and enhance physical and mental health.



  • ​OH CARD





CLUE 同义线索,有时我们在迷茫的是时候, 欠缺的只是一点线索,这些可以是人生的线索或暗示。它指的是在我们的生活中出现的迹象、经验或事件,可以帮助我们理解自己的目标、意义和方向。


开始 CLUE LIFE COACHING CENTRE 工作坊, 是基于现今社会人们对于精神领域的重视与灵性的追求。 心灵层面的探索是指探索和深入了解自己内心的过程,包括情感、思维、信仰、意义和目的等方面。它是一个个体对自身存在和生命意义的探索和反思。​ 心灵探索的目的是寻求个人内在的成长、意义和连接。

CLUE,, sometimes when we are in confusion, all we lack is a little clue. These can be clues or hints in life. It refers to signs, experiences, or events that appear in our lives, which can help us understand our goals, meanings, and directions."

Here at the CLUE LIFE COACHING CENTRE, we conduct workshops that are based on the increasing importance of spirituality and mental well-being in today's society. Spiritual exploration refers to delving deep into one's inner self, including emotions, thoughts, beliefs, meaning, and purpose. It is a journey of self-discovery and reflection on one's existence and life's purpose.

Spiritual exploration aims to seek personal growth, meaning, and connection within oneself. It may include the following aspects:

  1. Self-awareness: Understanding one's inner world by reflecting on emotions, needs, values, and beliefs.

  2. Exploring the meaning and purpose of life: Questioning the meaning and goals of one's existence, pondering life's significance and values, and seeking a unique personal purpose and mission.

  3. Seeking spiritual connections: Using methods such as meditation, prayer, connecting with nature, or engaging in religious or spiritual practices to find connections with higher meanings, divinity, or the universe.

  4. Exploring philosophical questions about the universe and existence: Contemplating deep philosophical questions about the cosmos, existence, time, space, consciousness, and seeking personal understandings and answers to these questions.

  5. Spiritual growth and self-transcendence: Continuously developing and enhancing one's spiritual qualities and consciousness through learning, cultivating mindfulness, practicing compassion, kindness, gratitude, and more.

Spiritual exploration is a highly individualized journey, with each person's experiences and methods potentially varying. It can be achieved through personal reflection and introspection or through participation in spiritual groups, seeking guidance from mentors or spiritual guides. Regardless of the chosen approach, spiritual exploration can help individuals deepen their understanding of themselves and the world, find higher levels of meaning and inner balance.

Here, we combine ancient wisdom with modern consciousness connection to delve deeper into the subconscious and inner world's energy resources and obstacles. Metaphysics is not superstition; it is a field of study that explores phenomena and principles beyond the material world. The study of metaphysics encompasses the nature of the universe, consciousness, spirituality, energy, meaning, and human existence, among other topics. It does not rely on the scientific method and empirical evidence but instead explores these subjects through philosophy, intuition, and experience. Additionally, hypnotherapy is a therapeutic approach that guides patients into a relaxed and focused hypnotic state to promote mental and physical health and address issues. In a hypnotic state, individuals can explore their subconscious more deeply and interact with inner experiences and memories. In some cases, individuals may explore past lives and connect with their higher selves to deal with energy blockages.

Through spiritual attunement or spiritual perception, individuals can delve deeply into their inner world and connect with higher levels of existence. This exploration can help individuals discover their potential, understand the meaning of life, deepen connections with others and the universe, and foster personal growth and transformation. Chinese metaphysics, including the theory of the Five Elements, feng shui, and destiny analysis, allows for a macroscopic and microscopic exploration of the universe and human existence. This metaphysical study can help us understand the laws of the universe, the interactions between people and their environment, and provide guidance and insights for personal development and life.

Whether through visualization or Chinese metaphysics, spiritual exploration offers individuals an opportunity to explore the inner world and connect with higher forms of existence. It can spark reflection, insight, and the process of personal growth and transformation."


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